Fashion. Function. Freckles.

BintikBintik is the labor of love of Jenn Nagy, a freckled digital nomad from Canada. On her first international trip, Jenn fell in love with the laidback beach lifestyle, friendly people and scooter-friendly weather of Bali.

While Jenn loved the freedom and excitement of zipping around on a scooter, it was impossible to find a bag that was laptop-friendly, functional AND fashionable; so, Jenn created the WAYAN backpack (our 'first-born'), a scoot-friendly bag, perfect for carrying her laptop from work to wine. It wasn't long until her expat friends saw it and wanted one of their own...

And so, BintikBintik was born.

What does BintikBintik mean?

In Bahasa Indonesian (the main language spoken in Indonesia), bintik bintik means freckle. When choosing a name for her new fashion brand, Jenn was inspired by the lifestyle, artisans & beauty of Bali and other Southeast Asian destinations. When she thought about what each of these destinations meant to her, the one thing that they all had in common was that she left each tropical destination happier and even more freckled than when she arrived. 

All BintikBintik bags are designed by Jenn and handmade by a family-run team of Indonesian artisans on the Island of the Gods; Fariz and his wife, Debby (with the help of their adorable son, Azam) are the talented craftsmen who ensure that each and every BintikBintik bag is made with the utmost care, in ethical working conditions.

To find out more about BintikBintik, contact Jenn at

Happy traveling! xo